1.1 General Terms
The terms of this Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) apply to the Site.
The purpose of this Policy is (1) to inform the User of the list of Cookies used and automatically downloaded to the User’s device; and (2) to notify the User of the purposes of installation and use of such Cookies, as well as the retention/installation period of such Cookies on the User’s device; and (3) to inform the User of the methods for disabling Cookies and/or their removal from the device.
Each User has the right to read the text of this Policy at the following link:
The information specified in this document is an integral part of the Privacy Policy of the website, which the User can read at the following link:
If the User has any questions about this Policy and/or the operation of the Cookies, the User may address their question to the Right Holder in the following manner:
If the User does not agree and/or does not understand some of the terms and conditions of this Policy, he/she shall immediately stop using the Website.
1.2 Definition of Terms
“Cookies” means predominantly small pieces of data stored on a User’s computer, tablet, cell phone or other device that allow certain information to be recorded whenever the User visits the Site, interacts with services, applications, tools, and sends and receives messages, in order to identify the User regardless of the device used.
“User” means the legal or natural person who uses and/or accesses the Site.
“Rights Holder” means the following person in whose name the Site is registered:
“Site” means a unit of information on the Internet, a resource of web pages (documents) that are united by a common theme and linked to each other by links. The Site is registered to the Right Holder and is necessarily linked to a specific domain, which is its address. This Policy is developed for the following website:

2.1 Purposes of use.
The Rights Holder uses Cookies for the following purposes:
(1) to identify the User (recognizing the browser and/or device each time the User logs in to the Site, saving screen and browser settings and/or saving the Users login and password to log in to the Site).
(2) for third parties to advertise on the Site and/or track Users’ information for the purpose of providing targeted advertising or Site usage analytics.
(3) for analyzing Website traffic by Users, identifying the effectiveness of advertising content and its popularity among Users.
(4) for the operation of certain sections/pages of the Site (where the use of Cookies is essential).
(5) to improve the Site’s usability and navigation.
(6) to improve the interaction between the Site and Users.
(7) to improve the quality of service and ensure maximum convenience and comfort for Users when using the Site.
(2.2) Types of Information to Be Collected
The Rights Holder does not use Cookie Files to identify Users, but solely to determine how Users use the Site.
The Right holder can collect the following information about the Users via Cookie Files:
(1) the IP address, browser type, and device from which Users access the Site; and
(2) operating system and ISP information; and
(3) Country information from which you are accessing the Site; and
(4) the date and time the User visited the Site and the number of clicks that the User might have made.

According to generally accepted classifications, there are currently the following types of Cookies:
(1) Technical cookies. They are essential for the smooth and reliable functioning of the Site. Disabling this type of Cookies may result in limiting the User’s access to certain functionality of the Site.
(2) Permanent Cookies. They are stored in the memory of the User’s device for a certain period of time and are responsible for the User’s personal preferences set in the browser (e.g. language settings of the browser and/or the font of the Site).
(3) Statistical cookies. They are needed to keep track of pages/sections of the Site visited by the User, as well as to identify possible errors in the operation of the Site. The information collected about Users by this type of Cookies is anonymous and necessary for the effective maintenance and updating of the Site, as well as for providing the User with targeting content.
(4) Behavioral Cookies. They are needed to collect information about the User’s search queries and preferences for marketing and/or other market research in order to subsequently provide personalized marketing and advertising content to the User.
(5) Third parties and their cookies. These are required for the following purposes: (a) collection by analytics platforms of information about User traffic to the Site, building a portrait of the User, and analyzing the effectiveness of the Site and marketing strategy; and (b) providing, through third parties (marketing platforms or agencies), personalized advertising and/or marketing content to the User on the Site and/or on third-party websites.
The Site uses the following Cookies owned by the Rights Holder in its operation:
The Site in operation may use the following Cookies belonging to third parties:

4.1 General provisions
By logging on to the Site, the User gives his or her consent to the Site’s use of Cookie Files as follows:
Each User may, at any time, disable the operation of cookies on the device from which it is accessing the Site and/or delete cookies that have already been downloaded to the device. If the User does not wish to disable cookies and/or delete previously downloaded cookies, no further action is required of the User in this case.
Please note that the Licensor does its best to make the use of the Website available to the User without downloading any Cookie Files. However the Licensor does not guarantee that such Cookies will not be downloaded at all due to technical and functional features of the Website.
Cookies may be stored on the User’s device from several hours to several days or years, depending on the type of downloaded/used Cookies.
4.2 How to disable cookies
The User has the ability to disable the operation of cookies on the Site by performing the following actions:
The User may also disable cookies and/or delete them altogether by changing the settings of their browser (it is also possible to delete/disable cookies set by other websites):
(1) For Google Chrome, you must change your browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions at:
(2) For Firefox, you need to change the settings and configuration of the browser according to the following instructions at the following link:
(3) For Internet Explorer, you need to change browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions by following the link:
(4) For Safari, you must change browser settings and configuration according to the following instructions at